Calgary Youth Orchestra Treasures Memories of Spain

Calgary Youth Orchestra performing in the Auditoria Manuel de Falla

“I am writing to express my thanks to you for making the Calgary Youth Orchestra tour to Spain and Portugal possible. It was a fantastic experience, and I have nothing but good memories of the music, the cities, and the wonderful attractions. The tour was well-organized and fun-filled, and I met many exciting new people and experienced the life in Spain and Portugal.  Tours like this greatly help the development of the orchestra, and cause us to play together and get to know one another, so the orchestra can be even more skillful upon its return home.  Seeing all of the awesome tourist attractions, such as the Prado Museum, the Alhambra, and numerous beautiful castles and cathedrals are memories that I will carry and treasure for the rest of my life.”

“I just wanted to formally thank you for making the trip to Spain such a wonderful experience. The musical experience really was important and valued and truly unique. The orchestra members feel like they improved on this journey, and the performances were something to be very proud of. No one can tell us that there isn’t musical value on a tour! Music Celebrations should be used for all of our tours in the future, they were so outstanding!”

“By all accounts a most successful trip from the music, to the tour company, to the activities and everything else in between. You should all be commended for pulling off such a monumental undertaking. Please accept our heartfelt thanks for this once in a lifetime experience.”

Members of Calgary Youth Orchestra

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