Heart of the Valley Children’s Choir “Honored Guests” in China

Heart of the Valley Children’s Choir performing in China

“I would like to write my short evaluation of our Heart of the Valley Chamber and Festival Choir’s tour to China.  I am moved to do this because I was so VERY impressed with how every tiny detail was handled with grace, thoughtfulness and thoroughness. General tour impression – beyond excellent!!!  Everything was done for us, the gorgeous and spectacular ceremony at the South Gate in Xi’an, the party provided for staff and chaperones, the gifts and birthday celebrations given to me and members of the tour. We felt like honored guests in China….the guides were the best we have had in 15 years of touring internationally!  They were pleasant, funny, kind, knowledgeable, solicitous, courteous and on and on!  We want to go back!”

Carol Nelson, Director
Heart of the Valley Children’s Choir
Corvallis, Oregon

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