Niceville High School Singers Learn and Perform in China

Niceville High School Singers pose for a group photo on the Great Wall.

“The Niceville High School (Florida) Niceville Singers returned from China excited and satisfied with an outstanding performance tour. The tour exceeded all expectations and dissolved any previously held fears of traveling to China…To say that MCI had organized quality concert opportunities with outstanding venues would be a huge understatement…My singers were exposed to some of the best learning opportunities imaginable – performances with fine Chinese choirs as well as being safely and comfortably transported to the ancient and historical sights of China – places that most people will only read about or see on television.  The MCI staff – managed by Sheldon Poon and Patrick Liu – took special care to make sure our 2006 tour was everything promised – and more…MCI made touring China as easy – if not easier – than touring Europe. American music directors who tour internationally with their choirs should make a Chinese tour a must-go destination. To those who have never toured internationally before – China is a great musical place to start!”

Michael Dye, Choir Director
Niceville High School
Niceville, Florida

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