Alaska Children’s Choir Tour of Austria and the Czech Republic

Alaska Children’s Choir

AS I HAVE TRIED TO SAY IN THE EVALUATION FORM, THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THIS WAS THE BEST EUROPEAN CONCERT TOUR I’VE EVER EXPERIENCED. HOTELS, VENUES AND FOOD BETTER THAN WE HAVE EXPERIENCED SINCE 1989 – the first time my husband and I accompanied the Alaska Children’s Choir on tour to Europe (including Vienna and Salzburg). Please feel free to direct any prospective clients my way for a reference. I look forward to working with you again before too long.

All the best,

Marg Kruse, Manager
Alaska Children’s Choir
Anchorage, Alaska

The choir had fantastic performances throughout the tour, including the following opportunities:
Memorial concert at Theresienstadt Concentration Camp for artists and children
Formal performance in the Marble Hall at Lobkowicz Palace, part of Prague Castle
Mass participation in Saint Vitus’ Cathedral
Formal evening concert in Vienna’s famed Karlskirche
Recital in St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna
Mass participation in the Salzburger Dom

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