University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire “Singing Statesmen” Tour of Argentina

University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Singing Statesmen

The Singing Statesmen from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, Dr. Gary R. Schwartzhoff, conductor, toured Argentina and Uruguay with Music Celebrations in January, 2011. Here is what Dr. Schwartzhoff had to say about the tour:

The members of the ensemble thoroughly enjoyed touring this area at this time of year. Given the fact the Buenos Aires is enjoying summer, I would highly recommend going at this time of year since much of North America is in the depths of winter.

The Statesmen were afforded several wonderful venues which included La Plata Cathedral, Basilica of San Francisco, and San Martin de Tours. Beyond the concert hall, some of our most memorable moments were the informal performances in the streets of Buenos Aires before a concert and on New Year’s Eve around the obelisk in the city square. The audiences, both formal and informal, were most appreciate of American choral music and our performance of works by their native composers.

The Singing Statesmen and I would highly recommend a tour to Buenos Aires for the music, the venues, and the culture!

Dr. Gary R. Schwartzhoff, Conductor
University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
Eau Claire, Wisconsin

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