Hawai’i Youth Opera Chorus Participate in the Mozart International Choral Festival

Hawai’i Youth Opera Chorus Performing as part of the Mozart International Choral Festival

The Hawai’i Youth Opera Chorus took part in a concert tour of Salzburg, Vienna, and Prague this summer, including participation in Salzburg’s annual Mozart Choral Festival. Director Nola Nāhulu had this to say about the experience:

One of the best European tours in our most recent 25 years! You have a great team…Bravissimo…We very much appreciated ALL of your flexibility, patience and help. We also appreciated your European team. We really appreciated especially Daniel’s attention to our musical needs and especially to Carol for her endless amounts of patience, kindness, support, advice, quick replies. She really went above and beyond.

We loved singing in the DOM [Salzburg], most especially working with Eph [Ehly] and Maestro [Janos] Czifra who are such great musicians and bring the best out of each singer as well as the continued love for singing. It was a very memorable and moving experience. The acoustics and inherent beauty of the very reverent space was a true privilege to experience. We ALL have gained a new appreciation for the music of Mozart and his genius to compose for such a space. It was very meaningful to perform Mozart’s music in the church he was baptized in, worked in, composed for and likely premiered the Coronation Mass in that very sanctuary.

We were also really impressed by the size of the crowds at each of our “individual” performances [following the Festival]! Congratulations to your staff for obviously a great job in PR to get really great audiences. In ALL of our past European performance tours…these concert audiences were by far our largest and were really wonderful to experience.

Nola Nāhulu, Director
Hawai’i Youth Opera Chorus
Honolulu, Hawai’i

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