Oxford High School Choirs Create Lifelong Memories in Ireland

Oxford High School Chorale at St. Mary's Church in Killarney
Oxford High School Choirs at St. Mary’s Church in Killarney

Hello MCI friends:

Thank you for your partnership with Oxford HS Choirs in putting together our performance tour to Ireland.  This adventure has positively changed all of our tour members, both students and adults.  Our group came back stronger, more confident and in love with Ireland.  Every aspect of the tour was a learning experience for them and has created a lifelong memory and impact.  They came back feeling spoiled by excellent treatment.  Thank you for your work to make that happen!  I believe your organization truly cares about the kids, which means so much to me.

Christopher Card, Choir Director
Oxford High School
Oxford, Michigan

Click here to follow the choir’s Ireland tour blog.

2 thoughts on “Oxford High School Choirs Create Lifelong Memories in Ireland

  1. Dear Oxford Musicians . . .
    We are BOUND for Ireland in late June (for 9 days) with an Adult Chorale (touring small group) … would love to hear more and SEE any photos you may have collected among the group and posted online.
    Dr. James T. McRaney
    CHORALE II Tour Ensemble
    Atlanta, GA

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