Pascagoula High School Marching Band Honored to March in the National Memorial Day Parade

American Flag raised over Constitution Avenue

American Flag raised over Constitution Avenue

My personal favorite moment was at the beginning of the parade. I instructed my drum majors to add a salute to show respect to the dignitaries and generals on the reviewing stand. I was standing at a viewpoint so that I was able to see my drum majors deliver the salute which they held until passing the entire reviewing stand. The response from the Military Officers present was incredible. Seeing my band performing for them reinforced why we had worked so hard to get there, and it in that instant it was all worth it.

The students loved the Concert at the Capitol and the parade. It was an honor for them to be there performing. The students selected to play Taps during the Moment of Remembrance had an incredibly moving experience. The band loved the response of the crowd, the interaction with the service men before, during and after the parade, and getting to be a part of something so special.

Ed Hansen [tour manager] was amazing in every way. He helped me from the moment he arrived until the moment he left. His knowledge of DC was incredible. He was comfortable with our students and geared his tours in a way that reached them. His delivery was great. Of my four trips I’ve taken to DC he is by far the best tour guide I have ever had. I would specifically request him again if I were to bring a band back to DC.

The team at MCI was amazing every step of the way. Kim led me through the application process and there was a seamless transition to Laura as my tour coordinator. The team at MCI was available any time I needed them when any question, no matter how small the detail.

MCI is a great company. Keep up the good work.

John Taylor, Band Director
Pascagoula High School
Pascagoula, Mississippi

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