Duxbury High School Music Department Performs in Carnegie Hall

Duxbury High School Music Department in Carnegie Hall

Duxbury High School Music Department in Carnegie Hall

The Duxbury High School Music Department, including the Chamber Singers, String Ensemble, and Wind Ensemble, toured New York City in February that included a stand-alone, featured performance for each ensemble on the Stern Auditorium / Perelman Stage at Carnegie Hall. Over 1,100 tickets were sold for this outstanding performance.

The four directors had the following to say about the experience:

Each guide [Marta Cooper, Zora Anderson and Nancy Crampton] was very knowledgeable of New York and it was nice to have a guide on each bus. Marta was especially great and flexible in working out the daily details and coming with good ideas that fit our group and kids.

[The Chamber Singers clinician] Kent Tritle was a wonderful clinician, and very personable. He truly made the students feel like they were an honor to work with them, and took extra time afterwards to talk with them and get to know some of them.

[The Advanced Strings clinic and combined ensembles rehearsal with Jeff Grogan] was wonderful—he went above and beyond to make everything a great experience for our kids.

The hotel [Hampton Inn Times Square] was very nice, rooms were clean and a nice breakfast every morning.

Everyone [with the MCI team] was great and made huge efforts to make sure we had a smooth and successful trip. Fantastic…restores my faith in working with a tour company!

The Duxbury Music Staff would like to thank you for a wonderful trip. It was truly a once in a lifetime opportunity for our kids and they loved every second of the trip. From Cutler helping in the opening stages of the trip, to Ashley working out all of the details, and Dan with his tireless efforts working with Carnegie (and the tickets!)– we are very grateful. Everyone was a joy to work with and your flexibility and attention to detail was greatly appreciated.

I cannot thank you enough and we look forward to working with everyone on a future trip!

Nick Tatarka – Orchestra Director
Ric Madru – Wind Ensemble Director
Jill Noerenberg – Wind Ensemble Director
Robert Judge – Choral Director

Duxbury High School
Duxbury, Massachusetts

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