Hochstein Youth Symphony Orchestra Returns from Successful Concert Tour of France

The Hochstein Youth Symphony Orchestra from Rochester, New York, recently returned from a memorable tour of Paris and the region of Normandy as part of the American Celebration of Music in France and commemoration of the 70th Anniversary of D-Day. The orchestra’s artistic and administrative staff willingly shared some of the group’s musical and personal highlights:

“For sight-seeing, Omaha Beach and the American Cemetery was a very poignant moment for me, and being there affected me much more than I thought it would.  Everything in Paris was very exciting, too.  I think the performers would probably echo those choices, too. As for our concerts, our final concert in Paris was one none of us will soon forget:  great space, 1511368_10152328995401870_6831954607524072804_n[1]wonderful audience, and we performed better than we had, maybe all year.  We all left on a high!”

“MCI is the quintessential international tour management company for musical ensembles.  They have a huge and highly skilled network of professionals in place to ensure that every facet of your tour goes as smoothly as possible.  Communication is excellent, and their staff is very patient and encouraging.  I’m very eager for our orchestra to travel with MCI again.”

– Casey Springstead, Music Director

The transport to/from Toronto went very smoothly and, again I will say, well worth the travel time on the road in order to be on one flight.  Transport in France – comfortable and clean.  Appreciated adherence to safety rules of seatbelts and mandatory rest time for the driver.”


“Jaw-dropping sights and informative tours made each destination worthwhile and interesting.  The local guides were knowledgeable and each unique.”

“My personal highlight: the music; always the music.  The orchestra, I am sure, will remember each place and performance well and especially the last concert as the best.  Their highlights aside from the music would most likely be seeing places the likes of which we simply do not have here in the States, the somber yet inspiring experience at the American Cemetery and all the memories and friendships made traveling with a group for 9 days.”

– Ruth Gates, Orchestra Manager

“My personal highlight was the American Cemetery/Omaha Beach. A very moving experience for myself and our students. Even now as I write to you I have goose bumps and chills just thinking about it…If you called me tomorrow and asked me to do what I did for our group for another group I would reply with a hearty YES, and “when do I leave!”

– Randy Kemp, Operations Manager

To learn more about the American Celebration of Music in France and how your ensemble can get involved, follow this link.

Looking toward the memorial fountain at the American Cemetery at Omaha Beach in Colleville-Sur-Mer, France.

Looking toward the memorial fountain at the American Cemetery at Omaha Beach in Colleville-Sur-Mer, France.

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