Summer Spotlight: Davis Baroque Ensemble Tours Italy

Davis Baroque Ensemble Performance at Chiesa di Santa Maria della Pietà

Davis Baroque Ensemble Performance at Chiesa di Santa Maria della Pietà

The Davis Baroque Ensemble, directed by Angelo Moreno, toured and performed as part of the American Celebration of Music in Italy, June 23-July 2, 2014.

Performances included a concert at Chiesa di Santa Maria Maddalena in Cremona, Chiesa di Santa Maria della Pietà in Venice, Chiesa di Santo Spirito as the Opening Preview Concert for the Youth Orchestra Festival of Florence, at Palestrina Cathedral, and at San Andrea della Valle Basilica in Rome.

Music director Angelo Moreno spoke on behalf of the ensemble about their tour experience:

I am incredibly proud of my students, some of whom have been in my life since 7th grade and even earlier as elementary students and who are now moving on to college.  The commitment they all showed to each other over the past year since our trip was first announced has been overwhelming. This tour experience has helped us to grow musically and socially as a team far beyond my expectations.  All of my students including myself gained valuable life lessons while learning the value of hard work and dedication to our goals and we all were are able to enjoy the rewards and fruits of our collective labor. I think the positive connections we all made will continue to grow past this trip and will help to bring our program to the next level of what is possible organizationally and musically.

Davis Baroque Ensemble Performance

We thank our families and friends for all of their support and encouragement this past year. We thank all of the parent volunteers who have supported our efforts in so many ways from fundraising, event planning, concert organizing, advocating in the community and beyond; the volunteer efforts this year have been above and beyond. We thank our trip chaperones who have worked tirelessly to assure that we were well organized, safe, and supported throughout our trip. We thank our trip planning committee and tour company Music Celebrations International who created an amazing once in a lifetime tour experience for us. We also thank our school district and community for all of their support from attending all of our concerts and fundraising events and more importantly for supporting arts education in general which has helped create a proud music program tradition that is able to offer such amazing once in a life time student experiences.

It is hard to believe that after such an eventful and challenging year of hard work it is it is all over, but the amazing memories of our time together will last a life time!

Angelo Moreno
Davis High Baroque Ensemble
Davis, California

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