Summer Spotlight: Betty Haag’s Magical Strings of Youth Perform in Germany

Magical Strings of Youth Performance in the Berliner Dom

Magical Strings of Youth Performance in the Berliner Dom

The Magical Strings of Youth, the renowned violin ensemble of the Betty Haag Academy of Music in Buffalo Grove, Illinois, recently returned from a successful tour of Germany. Director Betty Haag-Kuhnke summarizes some of their experiences and best moments of their trip:

“As you know, for the past forty years I have traveled all over the world with my students.  Most of these trips were arranged by private sponsors, corporations, or special invitations by political leaders of other countries, all of which were wonderful.  However,  none of the past trips could compare to our trip to Germany this summer organized by MCI.

With one hundred and thirty people traveling on this trip, the demands of individuals  were excessive , and sometimes outrageous, but Shari handled each problem  with great patience and professionalism.  I know there will be a very special place in heaven for her someday!!

The few conversations I had with Cindy were reassuring and inspiring as she explained the importance and history of each venue.  No one could have asked for a more supportive and patient  staff that you made available  to our organization.  Even with your heavy travel schedule, I found it incredible that you took the time to personally answer individual concerns.

Words can never express my gratitude to you for making this trip so perfect, giving my students and everyone a lifetime of memories.20140711_203138

Everyone who experienced their children’s performances in the historical Churches  and Concert Halls throughout  the whole trip couldn’t find words to describe their feelings.  Vadim Gluzman had nothing but praises for each venue arranged by MCI and also said it was highly unusual for a non professional  group to receive a review in the Gewandhaus.  Most of our thirty minute concerts turned into one hour concerts, and the full concerts were an hour and forty five minutes  in length, with the warm German audiences wanting more. 

Not only were the concert venues of the highest calibre, but all of our hotel accomodations  were as well.  My heartfelt thanks again for the beautiful venues and the history and memories they provided all of us.”

Warm Regards,

Betty Haag -Kuhnke

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