Fall Spotlight: Alfred Street Baptist Church Trinity Choir Tours Europe

La Madeleine_Alfred StreetThe Trinity Choir of Alfred Street Baptist Church in Alexandria, Virginia recently returned from a successful tour of France, Belgium, and the Netherlands in September, where they performed in Paris, Brussels, and Amsterdam as part of the American Celebration of Music in France. Following the tour, music director Joyce Garrett shared a few words about their memorable tour experience abroad:

The Performance in Eglise La Madeleine was wonderful. It was a very large church, but we had an audience of over 600 persons at 4:00 PM on a Monday afternoon.

For the performance in Sint Salvatorskathedraal, the church is under renovation, so we sang in a smaller area, but had a great audience.

The concerts in St. Nicholas and St. Anthony’s Catholic Church were absolutely wonderful. We had a large, appreciative audience , many of whom rode bikes to the church in Monnickendam.

My personal highlights were the visit to the Anne Frank House, and the overall performance and audience reaction at the last concert in Monnickendam. Also, a local cable company live streamed the concert. It was also an honor to sing in the Le Madeleine Church in Paris, which is structured like a Greek temple. The choir also thought that this last concert was the climax to the whole week of touring. I was 100% satisfied with all of the arrangements made by MCI. It is a great thing to not have to worry about meals, or what you are going to do each day.

I have toured with MCI in 1994 and 2012 [and now 2014], and have been thoroughly satisfied with their management of our tours.  Everything was planned down to the smallest detail, and we are very appreciative of Cindy, Donna, and Kim who made all of our arrangements. I did not hear ONE complaint during the week. It was amazing that 98 individuals felt the special bond resulting from experiencing a trip of a lifetime together. More importantly, the 54 choir members will remember their inspirational performances for many years to come.  I will recommend MCI to other Ministers of Music in the Washington area.  Thanks to all of you.  You are the best!

Dr. Joyce Garrett, Minister of Music
Alfred Street Baptist Church
Alexandria, Virginia

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