Sacramento Choral Society Performs in Normandy, Paris, and London

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I am sorry to be slow in thanking you and MCI for all your hard work and preparation on our summer tour to France, Normandy and London. I know you and the staff worked tirelessly to ensure the details and arrangements would all be taken care of, and you did a terrific job as always. We do enjoy working with MCI and have been very pleased with your work on our behalf.

Our guests all felt that they received a thoroughly enjoyable and inspiring tour, and we heard little to no complaints along the way. Thank you and all your staff for everything that you did in making this past trip so successful and enjoyable. The Abbey in Normandy was a magical experience and most thought it was the highlight. It was nostalgic for me personally to be back in Notre Dame having taken my Sac State Chamber Choir there many years ago.

Thanks again for your thoughtfulness and care of our choir through your immense integrity and kindness.

Have a wonderful season ahead.

Best wishes,

Dr. Donald Kendrick, Conductor
Sacramento Choral Society

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