Tax Deductions for Concert Tours

Have you ever wondered about the possibility of deducting your concert tour expenses from your tax return? Well, it’s true, and now you can! We have noticed a HUGE increase in our clients’ interest in claiming certain concert tour expenses … Continue reading

How To Plan A Concert Tour – Step 5 – How To Prepare For A Concert Tour

Emmaus High School Choir

Once you’ve made the commitment to tour, you might find yourself caught up in a swirl of activities and in a myriad of demanding details. The following things to consider—from a general timeline to suggestions regarding meetings, committees, fundraising, and promotional tools—will help you put first things first, launch your tour with great excitement, keep your plan energized, and solicit the help you’ll need (so you can better concentrate on really important things, like the music!). Continue reading

How To Plan A Concert Tour – Step 2 – What Kind Of Tour?

Groups and ensembles can be inundated with opportunities and “special invitations” to perform and/or compete in venues and destinations throughout the world. In deciding what kind of tour and where to go, it helps to keep in mind the desired rewards and ultimate objectives of a real concert tour, many of which are listed above in response to the question “Why tour?” Continue reading