Choir Spotlight: Oklahoma State University Concert Chorale

The choral ensembles of Oklahoma State University (OSU) tour frequently with Music Celebrations International, and perform to great acclaim all over the world. Continue reading

Fall Spotlight: Alfred Street Baptist Church Trinity Choir Tours Europe

La Madeleine_Alfred Street

The Trinity Choir of Alfred Street Baptist Church in Alexandria, Virginia recently returned from a successful tour of France, Belgium, and the Netherlands in September, where they performed in Paris, Brussels, and Amsterdam as part of the American Celebration of Music in France. Continue reading

Hochstein Youth Symphony Orchestra Returns from Successful Concert Tour of France

The Hochstein Youth Symphony Orchestra from Rochester, New York, recently returned from a memorable tour of Paris and the region of Normandy as part of the American Celebration of Music in France. Continue reading

South Coast Youth Symphony Orchestra Cherishes Memories of Their International Tours

“Thank you for all of the incredible tours and concert arrangements Music Celebrations International has put together over the years for my orchestra. Through MCI the South Coast Youth Symphony Orchestra has participated a debut concert at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in 2012 and five international tours performing in Czech Republic & Austria in 2005, Italy in 2007, Spain in 2009, England, Ireland & Wales in 2011 and France & Germany in 2013…” Continue reading

Valley String Orchestra & A Cappella Choir Has a Great Time in France

“Wow! I don’t even know where to begin!! What a great time we all had in France – truly an incredible trip, amazing performance venues, memories to last a lifetime!! Patrick, Francoise, and Mary Agnes were top-notch at taking care of us during the entire time. Francoise had us in tears a couple of nights we were laughing so hard. Everything went like clockwork. I heard the assistant orchestra director say these were the best tour escorts they had ever had, and although I don’t have the benefit of comparison, I have a hard time imagining tour escorts that would be better!!” Continue reading

Spain and France was the Opportunity of a Lifetime for the Hinsdale Central High School Orchestra

“MCI does a tremendous job of making sure that each and every single member of a tour has a wonderfully successful time on their tour. This attention to detail and making everything right is truly what separates Music Celebration International from all other tour companies…” Continue reading

Missouri Southern State University Choir Tours France

“The accommodations were first class, and the tours and guides were wonderful. The concerts and several impromptus were the highlight. The burning question that the singers would ask everyday was ‘how could the next day’s experiences top those of today?’ Somehow, they always did. Continue reading