Col. Arnald D. Gabriel Recognized for a Lifetime of Service

How many ways can one appreciate a man who so completely embodies the spirit, drive, and passion of America’s Greatest Generation as Col. Arnald D. Gabriel?  Answer: Not enough. Col. Gabriel served as a combat machine gunner with the United … Continue reading

Join Us LIVE at the 2015 National Memorial Day Parade!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend from MCI Headquarters! We are incredibly excited about all of the Memorial Day festivities about to happen over the weekend in Washington, D.C., and we hope that YOU can join us and be a part of … Continue reading

North County High School Raider Regiment Return to DC for the National Memorial Day Parade

“North County High School Band Director Shane Verges thanks the school board and the community for their support of the marching band’s recent participation in the National Memorial Day Parade. A total of 112 students made the trip to Washington D.C. This was the third time the Raider Regiment participated in and represented the state of Missouri at the National Memorial Day Parade in Washington D.C. This year 112 North County band students went on the five-day trip…” Continue reading

Pascagoula High School Marching Band Honored to March in the National Memorial Day Parade

“My personal favorite moment was at the beginning of the parade. I instructed my drum majors to add a salute to show respect to the dignitaries and generals on the reviewing stand. I was standing at a viewpoint so that I was able to see my drum majors deliver the salute which they held until passing the entire reviewing stand. The response from the Military Officers present was incredible. Seeing my band performing for them reinforced why we had worked so hard to get there, and it in that instant it was all worth it…” Continue reading

2013 National Memorial Day Parade Opening Ceremony

Amazing rendition of “America the Beautiful,” featuring Tenor Anthony Kearns and the Memorial Day Festival Chorus, to open last week’s National Memorial Day Parade! Continue reading

Washington, DC Is “A Once In A Lifetime Experience” For Bayonne High School Band

“I wanted to thank everyone for all of their help in making Bayonne High School’s trip to Washington D.C. this past weekend such a huge success. Thank you so much for your help and professionalism – this trip was truly a once in a lifetime experience for our students and it was a huge learning experience for me.” Continue reading

Athens Drive High School Band March in the National Memorial Day Parade

“Words don’t seem to adequately describe what an amazing trip we had! We thoroughly enjoyed every stop on the itinerary, the Hyatt hotel was excellent and we were blessed with beautiful weather the entire weekend. What was most outstanding though, was our three superb Tour Coordinators, Shannon, Carol, and Mary Beth that expertly guided us every step of the way. Their professionalism, historical knowledge, and savvy logistical acumen exceeded our expectations…” Continue reading

Smithville High School Band March in the National Memorial Day Parade

“I was very pleased with the parade. The event was very well organized and the parade officials were there when we needed help. My personal highlight was that while we were playing I looked across the band and saw the White House. I should have briefly stopped the band to have them look around and enjoy the sights during the parade…” Continue reading

Artesia High School Band Gets a Thrill Marching in the National Memorial Day Parade

“The intensity in our group sure gave me chills up my back. I think they were all proud of themselves for being there and performing in front of Washington, D.C. fans. The thrill and nerves of how they felt marching in the National Memorial Day Parade will be in their memories for rest of their lives…” Continue reading

De Soto High School Band Participate in the National Memorial Day Parade

“Performing at the WWII Memorial was really special, as was the wreath-laying at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Both were events that my students will never forget. The parade was good – other than the extreme heat. The thing that made the whole tour work was our Tour Guide…” Continue reading