San Antonio Mastersingers a hit in Portugal and Spain

MCI’s work on audience throughout [our tour] was again exceptional and a huge plus in comparison to other tour operators.  Standing ovations throughout!  We’re planning for a possible tour in 2018, and MCI will be on the top of our … Continue reading

Indian Springs School Chamber Choir in Spain

Indian Springs School Chamber Choir

The Indian Springs School Chamber Choir of Indian Springs, Alabama recently returned from a fantastic tour of Spain. We were privileged to collaborate with them and are thrilled about their performance experiences abroad. Congratulations, Indian Springs School Chamber Choir! “This … Continue reading

South Coast Youth Symphony Orchestra Cherishes Memories of Their International Tours

“Thank you for all of the incredible tours and concert arrangements Music Celebrations International has put together over the years for my orchestra. Through MCI the South Coast Youth Symphony Orchestra has participated a debut concert at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in 2012 and five international tours performing in Czech Republic & Austria in 2005, Italy in 2007, Spain in 2009, England, Ireland & Wales in 2011 and France & Germany in 2013…” Continue reading

Spain and France was the Opportunity of a Lifetime for the Hinsdale Central High School Orchestra

“MCI does a tremendous job of making sure that each and every single member of a tour has a wonderfully successful time on their tour. This attention to detail and making everything right is truly what separates Music Celebration International from all other tour companies…” Continue reading

Georgia Symphony Orchestra Chamber Chorus Performs for Great Crowds in Spain

“As you know, one of the main reasons I continue to use Music Celebrations International [MCI], without evaluating other options, is your people. We love the comfort in knowing that MCI knows the countries and venues that are welcome to groups such as ours. We appreciate the attention to detail and that we are always surrounded by music professionals…” Continue reading

Calgary Youth Orchestra Treasures Memories of Spain

“It was a fantastic experience, and I have nothing but good memories of the music, the cities, and the wonderful attractions. The tour was well-organized and fun-filled, and I met many exciting new people and experienced the life in Spain and Portugal. Tours like this greatly help the development of the orchestra, and cause us to play together and get to know one another, so the orchestra can be even more skillful upon its return home.” Continue reading