Applications for the 2017 St. Patrick’s Festival Parade in Dublin

St. Patrick's Festival Parade Dublin

Pop quiz: Where would you rather be on St. Patrick’s Day? New York City Chicago Dallas Sitting at home DUBLIN If you’re a marching band director, you probably know there are incredible parades in many of the major cities in … Continue reading

Rincon University High School Choir “Felt Like Rock Stars” While Performing in Ireland and England in March

Overall it was one of the best tours I have ever been part of! The choices of venues, sightseeing attractions, tour guides, hotels and food establishments were all over the top! Continue reading

Laramie & Kelly Walsh High School Choirs take Ireland by Storm on St. Patrick’s Day!

The tour included outstanding performances at St. Mary’s Church of Ireland in Killarney, The Collegiate Church of St. Nicholas in Galway, and an award-winning performance at the St. Patrick’s Day Festival in Bray – where the choirs took Best Overall Performance! Continue reading