How will YOU #BringChange this World Malaria Day?

Wesley Festival

On Saturday, people across the globe will join together to honor World Malaria Day. The goal is to raise awareness about a disease that puts half the world’s population at risk and kills half a million children each year. Monumental efforts are underway to eradicate malaria, and in the last 15 years an estimated 4.2 million live were saved due to increased interventions.

However, there is still work to be done. YOU can be part of the solution. Continue reading

The Wesley Festival: Given in aid of Imagine No Malaria

Wesley Festival - Imagine No Malaria

The Wesley Festival will bring people together through music to benefit Imagine No Malaria, an extraordinary effort to reduce preventable deaths caused by malaria in Sub-Saharan Africa. Through this program, the people of the United Methodist Church partner with global health leaders in a vision-driven and comprehensive fight against this killer disease rooted in systemic poverty. Continue reading